Publishing Services

Discover the ease of bringing your manuscript to life with our curated publishing packages at JUNURI. Tailored to cater to both budding and seasoned authors, our packages are designed to provide a seamless transition from manuscript to a published book. Delve into our offerings and find the one that resonates with your publishing aspirations.

Basic Publishing Packages:

Our Standard and Advanced Packages are structured for authors who have a completed book cover and a formatted manuscript ready for publishing. Here's what these packages entail:

  • ISBN Number Assignment: Acquire a unique identifier for your book, facilitating its listing and sale across global platforms.
  • Worldwide Book Distribution (Physical/Digital Copy): Enjoy the ease of having your book available to readers around the globe, in both physical and digital formats.
  • Landing Page/Listing on JUNURI Website: Establish a dedicated space for your book on our website, introducing it to our community of avid readers.
  • Advertising & Marketing through JUNURI’s Platforms: Benefit from our robust marketing initiatives aimed at amplifying your book's presence and readership.

Premium Services:

For authors seeking an extensive suite of services, our Premium Package enriches your publishing experience with additional perks including:

  • Copyright Registration: Safeguard your intellectual property with official copyright registration.
  • Website Domain for the Book: Secure a unique domain for your book, providing a professional online presence.
  • ISBN Number Assignment: As listed in the Basic Package.
  • Worldwide Book Distribution (Physical/Digital Copy): As listed in the Basic Package.
  • Listing on JUNURI Website & Marketplace: Enhance your book’s visibility with a dedicated listing on both our website and marketplace.
  • Advertising & Marketing through JUNURI’s Platforms: As listed in the Basic Package.
  • A Set of 10 Complimentary Author Copies: Receive a set of author copies to share with family, friends, or for promotional purposes.

Add-On Services:

Customize your publishing journey with our add-on services, tailored to meet your specific needs:

  • Book Cover Design: Collaborate with our designers to craft a captivating cover that resonates with your narrative.
  • Formatting (Priced at .003/word): Ensure a polished, professionally formatted manuscript ready for publishing.
  • External Website for the Book: Opt for a standalone website to promote your book and engage with your readership.
  • 5 Professional [Product] Photos of the Book: Acquire high-quality images of your book for promotional and marketing purposes.
  • Library of Congress Registration: Opt for a Library of Congress registration for official record and other benefits.
  • Copyright Registration: As listed in the Premium Services.

Let JUNURI be the catalyst in your publishing journey, rendering a smooth path from manuscript to a tangible book cherished by readers. Reach out to us today to explore the right package for your publishing endeavor.